19 MARCH 2024

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I'm a romance fanatic, book worm, book hoarder and writer. Writers are my superheroes; readers are my tribe. I’m a people’s person and a wordy nerd so I can find comfort in almost any space but there is nothing quite like being at home with my husband, son and fur babies.Living in Johannesburg, South Africa has given me a slightly quirky world view- we laugh at ourselves all the time here so sometimes my sense of humor doesn’t translate into my words. Be kind, I think I’m funny!One my favourite hobbies is Fangirling (is that a thing?). Musicians, books, movies or obscure characters, when I find something that I love I delve into that world like Harry Potter diving into the Whomping Willow.Catch me on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter so that we can share our journeys. Quirkiness unite!My debut novel, Pretty Average, will be published in 2024. Insert bucket loads of feels here!



Meet-Cute * Office Romance *
Glamorous City Backdrop * Secrets & Intrigue *
Friendship Circle * Grand Gesture * Humor *Sweet Romance (no spice)

Book BlurbWhen Esha asks for excitement, getting thrown in the deep end of a corporate scandal is not what she meant. Esha More is celebrating her 35th birthday and her quick fix of hair dye and champagne only leaves her with a hangover and more problems.After a series of unfortunate decisions, Esha arrives at her office to discover she’s embroiled in an embezzlement scheme with all evidence pointing in her direction.Kane Mittal has been called in as a consultant to manage yet another crisis and finds himself both intrigued and suspicious of Esha’s More’s involvement. Kane has enough women making demands, but after Esha tumbles into his life he can't stop thinking about her.On a mission to save Esha's career and Kane's family business, together they navigate an inept flock of managers while faced with a mounting deadline, their powerful attraction, and a pandora's box of secrets.Join Esha and Kane in their adventurous meet-cute, a workplace romance filled with laughter, and a hefty dose of intrigue.



Updates on Pretty Average

The past few weeks have been a world wind of activity. Not only is Pretty Average (a meet-cute office romance about finding love in an existential crisis) live on bookshelves but reviews have started coming in. As much as I'm dying to know what readers think I'm also a bit terrified.
I know that my book isn't for everyone so I'm hoping that it gets into the hands of readers who will love it.
A contemporary romance, set in Johannesburg, Pretty Average is a combination of humor and the hard hitting truths that we go through as adults. But it's also about love, find love, falling in love and being in love. I am a romantic at heart, and I wanted to give Esha and Kane a Great love story.
If you enjoy this book, please leave a review on Goodreads. Every review helps put the book into the hands of other readers.

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Book launch

Keep your eyes open for my upcoming book launch scheduled to take place on 20 April 2024
Join me for a live signing, giveways, prizes, drinks and a good time!
I will also be running a launch price on physical copies. If you're interested in ordering a signed copy pop me an email.
I hope you see you there~



I'm both a reader and writer so I love connecting with fellow authors and I want to support you and your writing. If you have a published romance then I would like to share your book with other readers. Interested?
Check out my profile and if I'm your vibe, send me an email so that we can chat.
I want to know about you and your books.


Author of A Journey of Love - a Historical RomanceSimi S. Ramdutt, was born and raised in beautiful South Africa. Her heart resonates with a profound passion for the allure of historical romance, a genre that captivates her imagination. Enthralled by the mystique of castles, she finds herself particularly drawn to their tales the cold and mossy stone tells. Beyond her literary pursuits, Simi’s creativity extends to the culinary realm. With a penchant for cooking and baking, she hopes and aspires to be weaving flavours together like an artist crafting a masterpiece. In a world where sharing every aspect of one’s life has become the norm, Simi stands firm in her commitment to keep her private life veiled, especially relating to her children and nieces and nephews, from the public gaze, embracing the power of mystery.

Author of The Journals of HeDuring a college tour in the city, a freak accident in a campus library leads to a chance encounter between Dilia and a handsome stranger.High on painkillers and with no way of reaching him, Dilia’s chances of reconnecting with the man are dashed… until two years later, when fate takes her back to the place where they first met.From a quiet little town in the Northwest Province, Dilia is thrust into the colour and noise of suburban Johannesburg, where she learns to adapt the challenges of independent life. As she navigates her way through nursing school an introvert Dilia inadvertently finds her sheltered existence rocked by her own intense curiosity and twisted desires…Desires which lead her to the mysterious secrets of –Him...

Author TakeIn the past 10 months of my author journey one of the moments that stand out is how inclusive and supportive the author community is. Whether on TitkTok, Facebook on via email, there is no gatekeeping. Everyone is more than happy to share and promote each other's work.
If you're an Author or writer, we welcome you with open arms.
Thank you to the community,